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About me

Director, author, writer, sound designer,
costume designer and photographer of my own fairy tale

Hi there!

My name is Kajetan Zarębski and I am a photographer. I live in Piła. Photography is also my passion. My world is always seen in colorful colors (the photo contradicts this). I look at everything in terms of photography, i.e. how the thing I see would look like in camera lens. My favorite subject is portraits, but I can take on any challenge depending on the client’s preferences. In the opinion of people (women and men) whom I had the pleasure to photograph, I can capture something in them that they often cannot see in themselves. In my works you will find not only portrait photos, but also event and occasional photos, which are also familiar to me. If you are a person who would like to cooperate with me, both the photographic one as a model or the technical one, I invite you, my Dear Reader, to contact me via my e-mail: zarebski.fotograf@gmail.com or via the contact form on my website.

Best regards!