When the days were fulfilled
and it is time to die in the summer,
they went straight to heaven in fours
soldiers from Westerplatte.

(And summer was beautiful this year).

And so they sang: Ah, that's nothing,
that the wounds hurt so much,
because how sweet to go now
into these heavenly clearings.

(And there was so much 
heather on the ground 
this year for bouquets.)

In Gdańsk, we stood like a wall,
whistling at the Swabian cannon,
now we rise among the clouds,
soldiers from Westerplatte.

And those who have good eyesight
and hearing, they heard it,
steady step as it rumbles in the clouds
Of the Naval Battalion.

And the singing was heard like this: - By
sunny time to exploit,
we will keep warm on warm days
on the heavenly moors.

But when the cold wind blows,
and sorrow went around the world,
in the center of Warsaw 
we will sail down,
soldiers from Westerplatte.